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Nunchaku is an art which is declined in different sports disciplines:

Fighting Nunchaku:

Fighting Nunchaku was created by the French karateka, Pascal VERHILLE in 1980. By studying the different styles and techniques, he created a new method, the “NUNCHAKU DE COMBAT”.

Based on the maximum efficiency of Nunchaku, he gives names to some specific movements that he classifies in “handling” and “attacks”.

He developed 4 Katas, and several exercises such as the “29 maneuvers” and the “39 attacks”.

Competitions in combat are organized thanks to foam Nunchakus allowing the competitors to face each other without danger.

Three types of combat result from it, the “touch combat” related to the fencing, the “semi contact”, and the “full-nunch” related to the box.

The Nunchaku Nenbushi ː

In 1990, Pascal VERHILLE authorizes Marcel RIFFE to use the bases of the Fighting Nunchaku to work a method adapted to the children he named Nenbushi.

The kata nunchaku :

The practitioner learns a succession of movements requiring a great technique and a great precision, then he executes these sequences as if he was fighting against an imaginary opponent.

The artistic nunchaku or freestyle nunchaku (free style):

This time, the goal is not the fight, but purely a question of aesthetics. Nevertheless, this style requires an extreme mastery and a very great technique. It is a question of executing sequences gathering basic handling associated with juggling techniques, using one or two nunchaku, in rhythm to music.

The nunchaku boxing :

Method of combat created in the 1980s in Marseille (France) which consisted of assaults feet / fists and nunchaku foam, giving the possibility of having three distances of combat. Nunchaku boxing fights were fought in three rounds of two minutes each (five rounds for the finals).

The accepted techniques were those of Full-contact (kicks above the belt, sweeps and fist techniques of English boxing), reinforced by the nunchaku blows of which about twenty had been codified. Only pricks to the face and throat, as well as strangulations were forbidden.

This discipline saw several championships of France then of Europe, before being prohibited at the end of the 1990s.

Source : Wikipedia

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