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Nunchaku means in Japanese “unit of the same length”.

Like many ancient objects, it is very difficult to know exactly the history of the nunchaku and its origin.

Before it was used as a weapon, nunchaku would have been an agricultural instrument used to husk rice.

It would have been hijacked in 1429 in Okinawa, an island in the south of Japan, by the inhabitants wishing to defend themselves from the emperor Sho Hashi who invaded and united the three parts of Okinawa to create the kingdom of Ryukyu. To avoid the possibility of revolt, he forbade the island’s peasants to possess weapons.

Nunchaku became more known to the general public thanks to bruce lee’s appearances in movies and on television.

Round or octagonal in shape, nunchaku comes in different materials: wood, foam, steel or plastic.

There are some with rope and others with chains, which can be of different lengths.

What does the law say in France?

In France, nunchaku are considered as a handgun (category D), as such, they are on free sale but their sale is prohibited at least 18 years old. Wearing a nunchaku is also forbidden unless it is a legitimate movement (from your home to your dojo), and that you have a license.

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