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Safety Tips

by Nunchaku Connect Team

The Nunchaku is a weapon that can injure others but also cause bodily harm to its user,
Therefore, we recommend that you follow a few safety instructions when using it.

First of all, during your training sessions we recommend that you choose a ventilated place, where you have enough space to train. If you are not alone, get away from the people around you before you start.

If you are just starting, the ideal is to start with a foam nunchaku. You will then be able to learn new techniques without having the apprehension of hurting yourself and that will allow you to start without fear.

If you train at home, be careful if you are under a lighting. If the ceiling height is too low you risk breaking your light bulbs. Also pay attention to your computer screens, your TV and what is around you.

A smartphone screen placed in the back pocket of a pair of trousers can be broken because of the impacts of the nunchaku when bouncing. Pockets on the front of pants are often too small and smartphones too big to fit in them.

Little tip: A banana bag will allow you to train while keeping your phone on you without risking to break it.

A suitable outfit will help you feel more comfortable in your movements. At the beginning, an open jacket and a sweatshirt cord sticking out can hinder your movements and make you feel a little uncomfortable.

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