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Using fire requires great caution and should not be done in any way. Here are a few guidelines to follow.

WARNING, the activity proposed in this sheet requires the implementation of specific safety rules. Therefore, it must be supervised by competent people.

The juggler’s fuel is Kerdan, it has many advantages:

It is inexpensive (1€/L),
It burns slowly and preserves the flies,
It is also not very dangerous if a few safety rules are followed.
You will find Kerdan in all the large DIY stores (in the chemical products section with methylated spirits, degreasers…).

Never use any other fuel (petrol, alcohol…) the visual rendering is very disappointing, especially on the juggler (because of the scars resulting from skin grafts).

It is imperative that these safety rules be followed scrupulously:

Use Kerdan (it burns badly at low temperature)
Don’t skip the steps, learn to control your equipment without fire.
Always juggle close to a water source.
Always juggle close to someone who can help you in case of a problem.
Do not juggle if the ground is too dry.
Don’t juggle indoors (even if the ground is not carpeted;o) )
Drain your torches before lighting them because incandescent droplets can form.
Anticipate the reactions of your audience (and especially always keep an eye on your material that will attract the youngest ones)
Don’t neglect your safety and the safety of the public.
Tie up your hair.
Ban synthetic clothing.
If Kerdan is swallowed, call the poison control center immediately with the product label nearby.

Never forget that Kerdan is a harmful product (you know, the black cross on an orange background). Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. If contact does occur, rinse with plenty of water.

You may one day see jugglers using colored flames. Be aware that it is possible but the necessary products are very hard to find and above all extremely toxic and harmful, this is why we do not talk about it here.

Source : Le Feu en jonglerie — LaToileScoute

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