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Nunchaku Connect – 1st worldwide platform 100% dedicated to Nunchaku Freestyle


Nunchaku Shop

Visit our store and discover the best products, brands and by-products for this discipline. Whether for Combat or Freestyle, our products are tested and validated by our experts to guarantee you the best experience. Each of our product sheets presents the strengths of the product and its recommended use (Freestyle, Combat, etc…).

Freestyle Nunchaku training

Thanks to our online platform, you can discover numerous video training courses and tutorials dedicated to the practice of Freestyle Nunchaku. Our training courses are produced by professionals and are accessible whatever your level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. Nunchaku Connect lets you choose only the training you need, whether it’s a complete course or a specific technique.

Why choose us?

Training supervised by professionals and high-quality equipment

Quality dedicated products

We focus on quality, offering you a selection of the most suitable products. The Nunchaku Connect store lets you buy the best equipment dedicated to Nunchaku.


Whatever training you wish to follow, our coaches are all Nunchaku experts and will support you throughout your progression. Several levels available: Beginner / Intermediate & Advanced


Nunchaku professionals can present their products and services directly on our platform. With Nunchaku Connect, broadcasting to the general public has never been easier.


Would you like to train online by taking a private lesson with one of our coaches? Nunchaku Connect lets you take a fully personalized course to help you progress.