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Passionate about Nunchaku, our aim is to develop this discipline in France and worldwide.


After several years of practicing Nunchaku, we noticed that no platform was dedicated to the practice of freestyle nunchaku, despite the growing demand and interest in this discipline. That’s why we wanted to create a specialized multilingual international platform that would meet your expectations.<br><br>

Our platform also provides industry professionals with solutions for distributing their own content in the categories of their choice: equipment & accessories, training & video tutorials.


Freestyle Nunchaku

Freestyle Nunchaku is a new, little-known discipline that's rapidly gaining in popularity.

10 years of experience

Thanks to our ambassadors and partners, we have many years of experience at your disposal.

Artistic Discipline

Nunchaku Freestyle is a modern and innovative artistic discipline that is in line with current trends.

Expert coaches

Our ambassadors are all experts in the field and will help you progress, whatever your level.


To facilitate access to our media, our platform is available worldwide in several languages

Dedicated teams

Our teams are at YOUR disposal to support you and answer your questions.


Freestyle training hours available

Our training platform gives you access to many hours of courses and video tutorials in just 1 click.