How to choose your nunchucks ?

On the market, you can find different models of nunchucks.

Not always easy to find your way, especially when you start.

The choice of the nunchucks will depend first of all on the use that we want to make of it.

For a beginner, the foam nunchaku is recommended whether it is to practice combat or freestyle.

A person having an intermediate or confirmed level will use a foam nunchucks during fights and a traditional wooden nunchucks for kata while a freestyle practitioner will use a lighter nunchucks with sticks of a smaller diameter.

Beginners can, if they wish, start directly with a light wooden artistic nunchucks, but it is preferable to start with a foam model, which will facilitate the taking of risks during the learning process and, on the contrary, will limit the risk of injuries.

How to choose your rope size?

Rope size varies from one freestyler to another. Some will prefer a short rope, while others will prefer a long rope.

A short rope will make you faster, but some techniques will be harder to do with a long rope…

If you don’t know the size of your rope yet, the best way to start is to calculate the width of your hand with a centimetre, not counting the thumb. A suitable rope length will make learning easier.

The ideal nunchucks for freestyle is a nunchaku which is light and well balanced in weight while the ideal nunchaku for fighting has a bigger diameter, weighs heavier, the rope and the branches are often longer to allow the user to have a better length during fights.

How to choose your stick size?

The size of the sticks can vary from one nunchaku to another. Fighting nunchucks will tend to have longer sleeves, while freestyle nunchucks are often shorter.

At Nunchaku Connect we offer freestyle nunchakus of different lengths.  You can measure your forearm to know the length which would be more adapted to your size.

Starting with nunchakus of adapted sizes favours a better progression. As for the rope lengths, with experience you can easily go from one nunchucks to another, with different sizes.

What is the ideal weight of a freestyle nunchucks ?

You will find on the market different models of nunchucks.

The lighter the nunchaku is, the more you will gain in speed and the less quickly you will get tired.

A light and well-balanced nunchucks will also be more adapted to make throws.

The average weight of a freestyle nunchucks is 150 grams.

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