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Fighting nunchaku :

Fighting nunchaku is a martial art, codified and supervised by federations. One learns there the handling of the nunchaku of combat, traditional kata, as well as to fight.

The fighters are equipped with a protective helmet and use foam nunchakus to avoid hurting their opponent.

The goal is to hit your opponent and score more points than him. Points are scored by referees according to the part of the body where they were given.

A blow to the opponent’s head is worth two points, the body, one point and three points if the opponent’s nunchaku is ripped off.

The artistic nunchaku:

The artistic nunchaku is a different discipline, the goal being not to fight but to practise with its nunchaku a sequence of techniques in rhythm on music.

During the competitions the participants are judged on the technique, but also on the movements, the martiality, the speed, the risk taking etc…

Artistic nunchaku, or freestyle, is a free art that develops concentration, dexterity, motricity but also creativity.

On you will find a complete training to learn the art of freestyle nunchaku.

Accessible from 6 years old, this discipline is accessible to all.

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